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Looking for food catering in Los Angeles? Robert's Catering is a woman-owned full service catering provider offering gourmet food across Los Angeles and California, from Palm Springs throughout southern California.

Food Catering For Decades

Award-Winning Catering Company

Robert’s Catering Service is consistently recognized as one of the best catering companies in Los Angeles, providing decades of catering for world-class events, noted businesses, famous clientele, and both large scale weddings and mid-sized parties and events. We believe that hosting your event is more than just food. When you work with our catering company, we build a relationship with you to learn your personal style and customize a menu that delivers a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. We are off-premise, meaning we can bring your catering vision to life at virtually any location!

Food Catering for Events of Any Kind

Food Catering for Events of Any Scale

Whether you need a buffet for 500 guests or a three-course lunch for 30 guests, we can cater to whatever you need. We also provide experienced staff (culinary staff, servers, and bartenders if requested), so you can be a guest at your own event! In addition to the food, we also take care of your table decor and display arrangements regardless of the size of your event.

Burbank Catering Company Providing Food Catering Across California

Being an off premise catering company means we can serve you at any location you choose as long as they allow off premise catering! Some examples of venues we cater at include hotels, banquet and reception halls, outdoor venues, museums, ranches, backyards, and corporate studios. Although we are based in Burbank, we can provide food catering throughout Southern California. Give our team a call to see if your specific location is one we can cater to and we'll be glad to help.

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Custom Creations From Every Cuisine

International Food Catering Offerings

We specialize in a variety of international cuisines, including but not limited to: Armenian, Persian, Middle Eastern, European, Italian, Mexican, and Pan-Asian. Even if you don’t know what kind of food you would like to serve, give us a call and we will gladly help create a unique menu for you! Since we customize our menus, we do not have set prices, but once you give us a call we will be able to help plan your next event! We offer styles ranging from sushi stations to taco catering, breakfast and brunch options, tea stations, and much more. See some of the styles of themed catering we offer below!

Catering Services for Any Need

Samples of Our Catering Services

Robert's Catering Service is known for its fully customizable creations, from themed celebrations to specific catering services you may be in search of for your celebration. Below are just a few examples of the types of catering services we offer that can be combined as part of your food catering for any occasion! From sushi catering displays at wedding receptions combined with passed appetizers, buffets, plated meals, or live action carving stations, to taco catering stations with family-style mains and more, we'll create a food experience sure to wow your guests with one-of-a-kind menus made just for you!

Food Catering Customized For You

Samples of Our International Food Catering Options

From Greek to Armenian, Persian, Lebanese, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and more, our team can create traditional and modern takes on your favorite international dishes! See just a few examples of our wide range of offerings below!

Quality Food Catering in Los Angeles

Our Promise

When searching for food catering in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, look no further than Robert's Catering Service. We always guarantee the following when it comes to every food catering service we provide.

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Our Awards and Achievements

Recognized as One of the Best Catering Companies in Los Angeles and Southern California

Since the 1960s, Robert’s Catering Service has been recognized as a top quality catering company and food catering provider throughout California. We have had the honor of working with famous businesses and individuals, from DreamWorks to the Los Angeles Times, Paramount Pictures, and even standing as the official caterer for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. These are just some of our proudest moments, and we look forward to working with you to show you the high quality of our food catering!

historic catering company official caterer for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis

Official Caterer to Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis Visit in Armenia

Pictured here are Mrs. Roubina Begoumian and His Holiness, Pope John Paul II. Robert's Catering Service is proud to have served as the official caterer for Pope John Paul II & Pope Francis during their visit to Armenia.

Robert's catering company corporate catering

Corporate Caterer to Some of the Best Businesses

Our catering company is the preferred caterer for noted businesses for corporate events, galas, film shoots like the original Top Gun film, and more. Find out more on our corporate catering page!

Restaurant Guru Certificate of Excellence

Certificate of Excellence by Restaurant Guru

Awarded to food establishments noted for their excellent quality.

Prized Recipes Now Sold in Supermarkets

One of our extremely popular appetizers, Ikra, can be found on the shelves of Jons Marketplace!  We sell our ikra at the following Jons locations:

Renowned Catering in Los Angeles

Our Award-Winning Catering Company History

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Robert's Catering Opens Its Doors

As a teenager, Roberts Butts started a lemonade stand in Pasadena, CA. His passion for food catering and service eventually led him to open a food catering business in 1941.

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Burbank Food Catering Location Opens

Ten years later, Mr. Butts opens a second catering location in Burbank, CA. One year later, Robert's Catering opens its doors in 1952, becoming the exclusive food catering company for venues and corporations including Salvation Army, Red Cross, Forest Law, Church on the Way, and many others.


Gourmet Food Catering Legacy Takes Shape

Roubina Begoumian buys Robert's Catering, turning it into the gourmet food catering company known for its delicious, unique cuisine and outstanding service. Along with off-premise food catering, Mrs. Begoumian starts and operates many banquet facilities throughout LA before becoming exclusively off-premise.


Nora Yousefian Joins Robert's Catering

Nora Yousefian starts working alongside Mrs. Begoumian. Since then, they have worked together to create magical and beautiful events with their food catering.

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Our Food Catering Legacy Continues

Ms. Yousefian, who has always had a passion and vision for food and food catering, buys Robert's Catering. Alongside her daughter Colette Yousefian, this mother daughter duo continue the legacy of Robert's Catering set by Mrs. Begoumian.

2020 and Onwards
What Customers Say About Our Catering Company

Why Customers Love Our Catering Company

You're sure to get really great service with this catering company. Servers are professional, eager to help and ensure a smooth process from the beginning of your event to the very end.

Adriana D.

Roberts catering Catered my sisters wedding. They catered my wedding. They catered so many parties that my family has done. Even last night! I had 20 people over for a family gathering and yet again Roberts Catering was involved. The food is delicious, there is plenty of food always. There is no other catering company I use but Roberts!

Armen M.
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